Wodka s Zakuskoi



40 gr. Khortitsya with a marinated tomato or a fish canapéon a rye bread




100 gr. Russkij Standart with Russian bacon,
pickled cucumbers
and rye bread




100 gr. Beluga  with bread, butter
and Keta Caviar




500 gr. Green Mark with pickled vegetables,
Russian bacon,
 bread and Keta Caviar







Toasted rye bread

choose between garlic butter, herb butter or lard


Moldavian garlic bread

warm flatbread with garlic butter, tomatoes and
goat cheese



Piroshki “Sakusotschnyje“

2 fried pastries filled with meat



Gribnoi Joulien

fried mushrooms in smetana sauce au gratin




warm Georgian cheese served with walnuts,
tomatoes, fresh basil, walnut oil and white wine





Salads and Vegetables


Salad “Stolitchny“

traditional Russian salad with potatoes, surimi,
carrots and eggs, refined with mayonnaise, served
in a cucumber coat



“Seljodka pod Schuboy“

Russian layered salad with smoked herring,
beetroot, potatoes, carrots and eggs



Griby marinowannye

mushrooms in Old Russian style, marinated with
onion, garlic, caper and dill



Owoschi marinowanye

pickled vegetables of the house: carrots, beetroot,
cabbage and pickled cucumbers with dill








traditional Ukrainian soup on the basis of meat
consommé with beetroot, cabbage, carrots
and other vegetables, served with smetana



Borshch Vegetarianskiy

on the basis of mushrooms and prunes, with
beetroot, carrots, potatoes and cabbage, served
with smetana




traditional Russian meat soup on the basis of beef
consommé with beef, smoked meat and sausages,
pickled cucumber, caper, olives, lemon
and tomato, seasoned spicy, served with smetana






Classic Russian wheat pancakes

... tender and light ...


Bliny Lesnye

Bliny with fried mushrooms in smetana sauce



Bliny Sadovye

Bliny with piquant spinach seasoned with
cinnamon, clove and walnut, served with Smetana



Bliny Boyarskie

Bliny with smoked salmon and creamy horseradish


Bliny Tsarskie

Bliny with Keta Caviar and Butter





Traditional Ukrainian dumplings

... served on a warm salad bed ...


Vareniki "Borovichok"

Vareniki with potato-onion filling, served with
mushroom-pumpkin seed oil and fried



Vareniki “Sapashni“

Vareniki with cream cheese filling, served with
pumpkin seed–walnut oil, fresh basil and grated



Vareniki “Selyanskiye“

Vareniki with fried filling of cabbage and
sauerkraut, served with pumpkin seeds and fried



Wareniki  “Lobiani“

Vareniki with Imeritinian lobio paste filling made
of red beans, walnut and typical spices served with
grated goat cheese






Traditional Sibirian dumplings

 ... with lusty meat filling ...


Pelmeni in Meat bouillon

Pelmeni with garlic and Worchester sauce



Sibirskiye Pelmeni

Pelmeni served with smetana (sour cream) or
butter and vinegar or with house made spicy
tomato sauce



Pelmeni “Griboyedov“

Pelmeni in Smetana sauce and fried mushrooms
au gratin





Main Courses



a rustic style dish of roasted buckwheat and
mushrooms with boiled egg, onions, ham and
bacon, with smetana



Pork á la “Poltava“

breaded pork filet with paprika, tomatoes and
onion in a spicy smetana sauce
 au gratin



Chicken-Sazivi - Georgian style

fried chicken breast coated with walnut saffron
sauce, accompanied by bliny with piquant spinach
and small side salad



Bœuf-Stroganoff – old Russian style

fried and tender beef filet stripes in a classic
smetana mustard sauce, as a side dish
“Gretschnevaya Kasha” (roasted buckwheat) and







Blinchiki s Tvorogom

Russian pancakes with cream-curd filling
 served with hot cherries



Vareniki with cherries

Ukrainian dumplings with cherrie filling
served with smetana and
cherry sauce



Blin “Kurant“

chocolate ice cream in a warm pancake
with black currant sauce



Dessert “Kartoshka“

pastry with cacao, walnuts and Cognac,
in vanilla sauce, sprinkled
 with pistachios




vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries




vanilla ice cream with walnut, candied fruits and
chocolate sauce



scoop of vanilla ice cream with Cointreau and
chocolate sauce, sprinkled with pistachios